Bigg Boss 15: Pratik Sehajpal asks Devoleena if she is comfortable with Abhijeet’s comments; Promises her to take stand for her if she wants so

Pratik Sehajpal takes stand for Devoleena once again as Abhijeet pass flirtatious comments on her

Bigg Boss 15 is a reality show and housemates action is seen 24 by 7 by viewers, still there are certain housemates that tend to do what they feel like. In Bigg Boss 15 Live Feed yet again Abhijeet is seen making Devoleena uncomfortable with his comments. Earlier, the comments of demanding a kiss was highlighted and things were later resolved but yet again Abhijeet has crossed his boundaries it seems.

It is seen Abhijeet pass a comment on Devoleena yet again and cross his boundaries as he says,”Teekhi mirchi lagti hai ye vadapao ki mirchi. Aisa khaunga na tujhe..” He not just passes his comment but also said that Devoleena should get dresses in western clothes so that they can enact a romantic Shah Rukh Khan or Salman Khan scene but later the topic was switched.


Pratik noticed this and went ahead to Devoleena and said that if she is not comfortable she should speak aloud and also promised her that he will stand by her. Later it was seen that the actress confronts Bichukale and keeps her point ahead that he should be in his limits. The actress also mentioned that she is not okay with his touch and the language he speaks in.

Bichukale however, ignored it and said her not to speak up like this. Will this topic be highlighted in Weekend Ka Vaar? For more updates stay tuned with us!