Bigg Boss 15: Pratik and Devoleena’s bond grows stronger; Former expresses what hurts her the most

Pratik and Devoleena bond gets closer as the duo discuss about the task Ticket To Finale.

The Ticket To Finale task is very intense as the competition to be in the game has the cost to break the relations it seems. The house is divided and as the housemates are playing for their survival in the house and to secure their position in Top 5. In the latest promo we have seen that Pratik and Nishant are against each other in the game.

The reports of Live Feed state that Pratik and Devoleena’s bond is getting closer. Devoleena is seen saying, “Jin logo ke saath mein day 1 ke saath rahi aur jis wajah se baaki sab log mere against gaye,  aaj wohi apne fayde ke liye mere saath yeh karta hai. Toh woh logo ko right prove karta hai ke woh rishto ko bali chadata hai.” What is your take on this?


Pratik is seen telling Nishant during the task that Devoleena has fought against the whole house for him and he should pay it back. Nishant however, refuses it as she has not done anything for him. Is Devoleena the major reason the best friendship is going to part their ways and put a full stop to their bond.