Bigg Boss 15: PraNish fight crosses all boundaries; Pratik accuses Nishant by saying, “Game khel raha hai tu”

PraNish fight crosses all boundaries as the duo outburst their anger and frustration. Pratik accuses Nishant of playing games with his friends. Nishant gives it back to him by breaking relations with him it seems.

Bigg Boss house task Ticket To Finale has payed the cost of breaking relations as Tejasswi and Karan have parted their ways and now Pratik and Nishant have got into an heated argument. In the promo it is seen that Pratik comes to Nishant stating that he is playing games to which Nishant says,”Tere saath kheli hai.” Pratik agrees that even he has played games with him.

Nishant and Pratik then exchange harsh words and also Nishant says,”Tu dosti ke naam pe..” Pratik also alleges him of playing games with his friends. Later Nishant makes a decision and says,”Jab tak mein iss ghar mein hu mein tujse baat nahi karunga, teri shakal nahi dekhunga.” Pratik also agrees and walks away from there. Have a look at the promo here:


Pratik and Nishant earlier has disputes between them as Nishant was not supporting Devoleena and Pratik wanted him to support Devoleena. However, the latest reports state that the task got Radhh as housemates did something which made the task conclude like this. Karan and Rashami also promised Rakhi that they will make this task Raddh as she is unfair.  It seems that they are successful in their mission and the house will not get its second finalist. For more updates stay tuned with us!