Bigg Boss 15: Nishant Bhat’s mother leaves an advice for him; calls him a ‘Winner’

Nishant Bhat’s mother Kavita Bhat praises her son’s performances in the show and leaves him a piece of advice for the future.

Every contestant in the Bigg Boss 15 house is tested and kept up on their toes. Nishant Bhat is one of the contestants who has always performed admirably in all of the trials he has faced. And it is because of this that he has progressed so far in the show. Now, as the show nears its end and the competition becomes more difficult, Nishant is leaving no stone unturned to establish his spot in the season finale.
On her son’s performance, Nishant Bhat’s mother Kavita Bhat has left him a piece of encouraging advice while praising him for his past performances inside the house.
Nishant’s mother feels that her son’s performance in the show is spot on. She even has some advice for him: “I want him to play like he has been playing up till now, and I want him to stay strong because it’s only a matter of a few more weeks,” she adds. “He is already a winner for us,” she added, regardless of the outcome. His mother also mentioned how good-hearted his son Nishant is. “He has always chosen friendships, which has sometimes harmed his ability to be on the Bigg Boss 15 show, but he has always chosen to stay loyal to his grounds,” she said. “Friendships can sometimes blind our Nishant, but that is who he is because he is all heart.”