Bigg Boss 15: Nishant Bhat suggests some changes in the format of the show; Says, “Next season mein ready to cook packets rakhne chaiye”

In a live short video, Nishant plans the tagline for Bigg Boss 16, while Karan and Tejasswi talk about alliances.

Bigg Boss 15  house has contestants who have earlier appeared in Bigg Boss house and have yet once again entered the house to entertain viewers. In one of the Live shorts Nishant Bhat is seen planning about Bigg Boss 16 and suggest something that should change in the upcoming season.

One of them was indicating ready to cook packets, the other was about that the theme will be regarding space and housemates will get only 4 pairs of clothes to wear so no stylist will be allowed to send their clothes. He also decided the tagline for BB 16 which read,” Bigg Boss soola, aag ka gola.” Rashami and others laughed at it and she said,” Rajiv ko bohat problem hogi phir.”


In the other part of the snippet Tejasswi and Karan are seen discussing about the game. Karan is tensed as he has no connection with the VIP and that might be a problem for him. Tejasswi says that there are alliances Rashami has with Umar, Rakhi has with you, Ritesh has with  Rajiv to a ceratin extend and Devoleena has with Pratik. Everyone has a alliance, Karan however disagrees to it and says,” Aisa kuch nahi hai.” They later discuss and predict how will the nomination will take place if the power is given to VIP.