Bigg Boss 15: Nishant Bhat reveals he is facing anxiety; Says, “Kaffi pressure feel hota hai ek point ke baad”

Nishant and Karan talk over the anxiety they feel in this house.

The Bigg Boss house definitely challenges contestants to live up to the audience’s expectation. Contestants constantly feel the pressure and anxiety of performance. While they are supposed to entertain, somewhere they do feel trapped being inside the house. But how does the frustration get out in such a situation? In an Extra Masala snippet Nishant Bhat talks about the same, to Karan Kundrra.

The video starts with Nishant saying, “Muje roz abhi ek hi cheez ka stress hota hai. Pressure feel hota hai.” Hearing this Karan tries to motivate him and tells him that this is the best time of his life. On the other hand Nishant expresses his anxiety is getting worse day by day. Karan adds, “Anxiety tabhi hoti hai raat mein sote vakt. Time kitna dheera chalta hai.” He mentions that giving up and leaving is easy but then how does one justify this?


Nishant specifies that,”Test Hai Yeh” and Karan agrees with him. Nishant also mentions that in the previous seasons of the show there were extensions and people have managed in this house.

He further elaborates that, “Agar tum youngish hote toh baat aalag hota.” Karan agrees and answers that, “Simba wale zone mein hote toh.” The choreographer highlights that there is nothing much to talk after a certain point and things feel empty. The duo can be seen just sitting quietly in the end of the clip.