Bigg Boss 15: Nishant Bhat raises a question on Karan Kundrra and his friendship

In an Extra Masala video, Nishant can be seen expressing his turmoil on how he feels that the game strategies have started affecting the bond that he shares with Karan.

As the 15th season of Bigg Boss has been entertaining the audience with the daily dose of high voltage drama, the game strategies have already started affecting the bonds and relations created in the house. In an Extra Masala video, aired on the Voot app, we can see Nishant Bhat and Karan Kundrra in a conversation that questions their friendship in the house.

The duo can be seen walking in the garden area, where Nishant speaks his mind out to Karan. The former tries putting his views forward as he mentions his fear of getting his bond with Karan ruined, because of the game. He feels that their friendship is getting affected and that there are no efforts from the other side when he needs to be saved during tasks. However, Karan mentions that he is trying his best to support Nishant whenever and wherever needed during the game.


They further went on to discuss why they had differences during the captaincy task. While Nishant explains his strategy behind trying to push Umar Riaz’s name for the next captain, Karan explains his point of view on why he wasn’t very supportive of the same. Further, Nishant tries explaining how he will never risk Karan for the game and that he would always protect him. He tries to clear out things that were disturbing him and Karan carefully listens to him.

Seems like things are going to be okay between the two; after all true bonds never get affected!