Bigg Boss 15: Nishant Bhat proudly speaks about his personality; Says, “Apni upbringing yaha pe bohat matter karti hai”

Nishant speaks about his personality traits

Bigg Boss 15 house at times make contestants loose their calm, emotional, vulnerable and aggressive. The house is known to show each and every side of the contestants as the situation is built in such ways. In one of the Extra Masala snippet Nishnat is seen having a conversation with Pratik where they discuss how their personalities come out in this house. Nishant says,” Mene dekha hai apne upbringing yaha pe bohat matter karti hai.” He further elaborates as in which situation you show which side of your behavior.

Pratik completely agrees to him and says that he has got traits and qualities from everyone, including his father, mother and grandfather. Nishant adds that he is smart like his mother and otherwise he is like his father. The duo also discuss about how Karan’s personality is in this show. Nishant says,” He has his own game, uske apni hardships rahi hogi.” Pratik is seen syaing,” Experience bohat kuch sikhata hai.” The old friends are back after a long time and it is amazing to watch Pratik and Nishant’s friendship on screen. Their bond is very pure and the duo are a strong team when they are together in the race!