Bigg Boss 15: Nishant Bhat expresses his concern over Jay Bhanushali

In a clip from Bigg Boss 15, Nishant Bhat expresses his concern for Jay Bhanushali and is afraid that Jay might get burnt out.

It is highly unlikely to happen in Bigg Boss that housemates genuinely care for each other. However, whenever it happens, it surely makes the bond last much longer after the show. In a clip from Bigg Boss 15, Nishant Bhat can be seen expressing his concern in front of Simba Nagpal and Pratik Sehajpal for Jay Bhanushali.

In the Unseen Undekha clip of Bigg Boss 15, Nishant can be seen sitting with the other two housemates near the pool area when he starts the conversation by saying that he is very concerned about Jay as he is taking a lot of tension about his performance in the house and is working his mind 24*7. Pratik says, “It is not necessary to work your mind 24*7. This show might be the biggest part of your life, give it 100 per cent of what you are but don’t let yourself get burnt out in this process.” Nishant says, “Even if it is not visible on the Television, but the tension is very much visible on his face.”


Pratik continues to say that “People don’t respect what they get served in front of them. Jay is here because of himself and that is why he respects it and he is giving his hundred per cent.” Nishant yet again expresses his concern as he says that as a friend he will have to push Jay and make him feel confident.