Bigg Boss 15: Nishant Bhat and Rakhi Sawant pull Ritesh’s leg after complimenting Shamita Shetty

Nishant Bhat mimicks housemates. Later on, pulls Ritesh’s leg with Rakhi Sawant for the husband to compliment Shamita.

In a recent Bigg Boss 15 Extra Masala clip, Nishant Bhat is seen making fun of the few contestants of the house along with Rakhi Sawant. The clip starts with Nishant, mimicking an angry Pratik Sehajpal about a few things that the latter said in the previous episodes.
Nishant is also seen making fun of Rajiv Adatia to incite Pratik. Taunting Pratik Nishant says, “Badi hoshiyari maar rha tha, hum purane ho chuke hai…Balki mein toh Naya nahi futuristic hun.”
Rakhi then asks Nishant to act Shamita. Nishant mimics her actions from the Weekend ka Vaar episode leaving everyone laughing.

When Ritesh, compliments Shamita and tells everyone that she was the best-looking lady on the show yesterday.
Seeing this Rajiv points out to Rakhi that he is complimenting another woman in front of her. Rakhi then starts pulling Ritesh’s leg and scolding him for complimenting Shamita. Later on, Nishant joins as well, the duo continues to tease the husband. At the end of the clip, Ritesh explains that green is his favorite color which is why he complimented Shamita.


Previously, in a  Weekend Ka Vaar episode Ritesh gave a rose and recited a poem to Shamita Shetty in front of Rakhi Sawant for  fun.