Bigg Boss 15: Nikki Tamboli thinks this season is boring; Reveals the names of contestant she is rooting for

Nikki Tamboli in an interview talks about Bigg Boss 15 and shares the contestants she rooting for to win in the season finale.

Bigg Boss 15 is currently airing, and Nikki Tamboli thinks it’s a dull season. The actress recently revealed who her favorite contender is and who she thinks should win the show. Nikki believes that Shamita Shetty should win Bigg Boss 15, and she has a good reason for it.
In an interview with Nikki, she said about Bigg Boss 15: “This season is, in my opinion, tedious. I had mentioned that I was in the incorrect season during my season, but now I want to clarify myself and say that I am glad I was in Season 14 and not Season 15 because Season 15 is really dull for me.”

Her favorites, she claims, change regularly. “I suppose my favorites change depending on the episode,” the actress stated. Yes, Pratik is performing well on the show, but Umar Riaz is also doing well, and I enjoy him. He is sophisticated and does not harm others, particularly girls. Shamita Shetty, on the other hand, is the individual who deserves to win the show.”


“Shamita comes from a well-known family and has led a specific lifestyle. Now, adjusting to a new house is challenging for her, but she has done it admirably. She has remained strong even though she has been targeted by others and even her friends have not always been supportive of her. That is why I believe Shamita should be the winner.” Nikki continued.