Bigg Boss 15: Nikki Tamboli shares her opinion on the contestants; Says, “Jay Bhanusali is image conscious”

Nikki Tamboli shares her opinion on the Popular contestants as well as lesser-known contestants, especially Jay Bhanusali.

Bigg Boss 15 has been a blend of Popular as well as a lesser-known contestant. Making it an excellent topic of debate and discussion. Bigg Boss 14’s Nikki Tamboli who is known for her boldness and headstrong opinions shares are opinions on Popular as well lesser-known contestants.

Talking about Jay Bhanusali – a popular contestant, she shares that as an audience she finds that Jay isn’t contributing as much as he should. The model actress also adds that she agrees with Mahesh Manjrekar on the fact that, Jay is being ‘Image Conscious’ on the show and is playing safe.


Mahesh Majrekar came on the Weekend Ka Vaar episode and told Jay that he is playing it safe to his audience.

Nikki feels that the lesser-known contestants are ‘playing a much better game than the Popular ones.’
The actress said, “I am..happy that the lesser-known contestants are getting their due and playing a better game. The Popular faces have already done their bit in the first two weeks thinking their popularity would save them. Unfortunately, they are cleaning up the mess they spat on.”
Talking about Bigg Boss 15, she finds the season a bit boring and thinks that her entry would spice things up inside the house.