Bigg Boss 15: Nikki Tamboli pens down an encouraging note for Shamita Shetty on Twitter; The latter’s account retweets it

Shamita Shetty thanks Nikki Temboli for reaching out in support of her in her tweet.

The recent episode of Bigg Boss 15, bought in a whirlwind of arguments and quarrels. In the episode, a few Non-VIPs were targeted by the new VIP members of the house. Amongst the targeted members, one of them was Shamita Shetty. Nikki Tamboli, a former contestant from the previous season took to Twitter.

She penned down a supportive tweet for the actress. In her tweet, she wrote, “A wild card contestant comes in and says things knowing very well this will get her eyeballs so she chooses her enemies well to make sure promo cuts have her in it. I completely understand how she must be feeling as I have been in a similar position once.” Nikki then encourages Shamita to hang in and continue playing her game as she was playing before.
Shamita retweeted this message of Nikki and thanked her for being supportive.
In her retweet, Shamita wrote, “Strong, Compassionate, Kind and Fierce. Thank you @nikkitamboli for saying it as it is.”

The sweet exchange between the duo led to fans reaching out in support of Shamita. They encouraged her to not lose hope and keep playing her game. In the recent episode, a task is given wherein VIP members are urged to pick out those Non-VIP members who they think need a wake-up call.


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