Bigg Boss 15: Netizens slam Rakhi Sawant after she argues with Shamita Shetty regarding ‘Unfair Sanchalan’

Rakhi Sawant in slammed on Twitter by netizens for her behavior toward Shamita Shetty. Meanwhile latter is praised for taking a stand.

The opportunity to compete in the final challenge appears to be bringing out the worst in some of the contestants. Shamita Shetty and Rakhi Sawant had a major brawl in the latest Bigg Boss 15 teaser after Rakhi, the sanchalak, declares Devoleena Bhattacharjee the winner.
Shamita Shetty, seeing Rakhi’s unjust judgment, warned her not to act the way in front of the camera, resulting in a heated altercation between the two.
“Tere dimaag ke andar gannd hai, Pehle saaf kar,” Shamita Shetty is heard saying during the dispute. In the YouTube footage, she pushed Rakhi.
After seeing the promo, Twitter users are slamming Rakhi for making an unfair decision in the duty as a sanchalak and whining about Shamita.
“It is the same Rakhi who was supporting shams all the time…since the fight occurred she is in her true self now whining about Shamita Shetty. Rakhi should be aware that she is the home clown. She is despised by everyone ,” a fan said, criticizing Rakhi.

Another fan said, “Shamita Shetty has always been a strong supporter of you. What have you done, Rakhi? It’s just a case of character assassination for her. You are definitely a shallow individual.”
Shamita Shetty was also praised by certain fans for speaking out against Rakhi. A fan wrote on Twitter, “Shamita Shetty was correct in speaking out against Rakhi’s unjust sanchalan… That is the appropriate response for everyone.”