Bigg Boss 15: Netizens root for Shamita Shetty to win the trophy as hashtag ‘Fearless Shamita FTW’ goes trending

Hashtag ‘Fearless Shamita FTW’ goes trending on Twitter as Netizens root for the actress to win the trophy while sending her compliments.

As Bigg Boss 15 finale is inching closer each passing day, the contestants are starting to gear up for the huge challenge. However, the Bigg Boss 15 housemates chose to stay notorious in canceling the ‘Ticket to Finale task. As result, the Bigg Boss makers had to bring in 4 new challengers to ensure no one can find loopholes, leading to cancel the tasks. As the upcoming episodes with challengers giving the contestants tough tasks to complete, to earn the finale spot go on air, Shamita Shetty’s fans decided to support the actress from the outside by sending her heaps of praises. In the recent updates, Netizens, have made the hashtag, ‘Fearless Shamita FTW” trending under the entertainment section of the Twitter handle. Some fans are even rooting for the actress to win the Bigg Boss 15 trophy.
Praising Shamita Shetty, “Her Heart is in the right place. Her dedication is unquestionable. Her stands are accurate. The trophy shall be hers!!” tweeted a fan under the hashtag
While another fan wrote, “It’s easy to talk upright, Tough times test you and your beliefs. Proud of how Shamita Shetty didn’t let the task get better of her today and maintained her humanity. If this isn’t a winner quality then what is?”

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