Bigg Boss 15: Neha Bhasin reveals her past relationships lacked depth; Says, “Junoon hi nai tha pyaar mein”

In an Extra Masala clip, Neha reveals things about her past relationships.

The Bigg Boss house sets a perfect example on how relations keep on evolving amongst people. In one of the Extra Masala clip Neha Bhasin is seen talking about her past relationships. She starts the conversation with saying, “When I was 28, I was done with the Boy Business.” Hearing this Pratik, Jay and Umar burst out laughter. Neha further elaborates that she was done with everything as what she had imagined could never be true.

Further she adds, “Matlab depth nahi hai, junoon nahi hai. Ha par ek chiz achi ye thi ki mujhe kabhi kisine cheat nahi kiya hai.”


Umar then pulls her leg by saying that she has always taunted him on not having depth in his relations in this house. To which Neha gives it back by saying, “Umar agar tu baar baar purani baate layega toh baandi chod ke chali jayegi.”

The discussion gets more intense when the boys in the house say that man can never speak the golden words. They further justify their views on the same, while Pratik laughs and says, “Starting ke tin mahine I love you bulva lo. Uske baad nai hota humse.”