Bigg Boss 15: Neha Bhasin is all praises about OTT winner Divya Agarwal; Says,” She is meant for reality shows”

Bigg Boss 15 is successful in making it up to the headlines for one reason or the other. In one of the Extra Masala snatch Neha Bhasin is seen talking about Divya Agarwal to Tejasswi Prakash. The singer says that Divya was very fierce. She further elaborated that she was very vocal and mentioned that to put to words she was meant for reality shows.

Neha described Divya as that she was very clear and knew her goal. People in the house were at times confused or lost but she was very clear in her head. Pratik added that people who are not confused in the house are fake it seems. Nishant further added that Divya had a very good bond with him. Neha further described Divya’s equation with Shamita and mentioned that in the first week they were like sisters and BFFs but later they were pure enemies.


Discussing more, Neha said that the whole season Divya said that she did not like Neha. Once when Neha asked how Divya explained that there is a palette I like this and I don’t like this in the same way I don’t like you. Tejasswi got a bit shocked and thought that whether she will be able to speak in such a manner that she dislikes a person.

Tejasswi asked how would her bond be with her to which Nishant concluded by saying that either they would be sisters or enemies. Divya Agarwal however won the title of Bigg Boss OTT with Nishant being the finalist.