Bigg Boss 15: Neha Bhasin ends her friendship with Pratik Sehajpal; Says, “I don’t want to bare the burden of this friendship”

Neha Bhasin reveals that her friendship with Pratik Sehajpal has ended from her side.

Neha Bhasin was evicted from the Bigg Boss 15 house in a mid-week eviction along with Jay Bhanusali and Vishal Kotian. From the day, she stepped foot outside the controversial show the singer has spoken up on various events related to Bigg Boss and its contestants.

Recently in a media interview, Neha Bhasin talked about ending her friendship with Pratik Sehajpal after a huge argument with Pratik’a sister and revealing to the audience that Pratik might be dating outside of the show.
In the interview when asked about her friendship with Pratik Sehajpal she said, “From my end, there is no friendship with Pratik anymore. I don’t want to talk much about it. Cause even if I say a positive or negative thing it becomes a source of entertainment for the public. Our Friendship in Bigg Boss OTT was organic and once we came out of the house it wasn’t ours anymore. And it belonged to the entire world. It just got damaged from that point on. Now I don’t want to bear the burden of this friendship anymore.”
Neha Bhasin also shared that she is currently taking a break from social media especially Twitter to cope with her mental health.