Bigg Boss 15: Neha Bhasin and Rajiv Adatia talk about their encounters in the house; The former says, “Ye ek learning experience hai”

In an Extra Masala clip, Neha can be seen telling Rajiv how Bigg Boss as a show is a good opportunity to rethink life.

With the entry of wild card contestants, Neha Bhasin and Raqesh Bapat, Bigg Boss 15 has got a new twist. Both being the previous housemates of the OTT version of the show, share fair knowledge and experience on how this infamous game either makes or mars their career and life. In one such Extra Masala clip, aired on Voot, Neha and Rajiv Adatia are seen having a deep conversation on the same.

The video begins with the duo chilling in the bedroom area, where the latter can be seen taking a dig at Neha for creating a mess in her personal life. It happens to go back to the time when she and Pratik Sehajpal were contestants of the OTT Bigg Boss. The duo’s relationship in the house was questioned by many outside, creating a lot of trouble for Neha’s married life.


Neha expresses how things had affected her back then, however, she believes in the motto of “New show, new me.” Rajiv adds, “Every journey makes you strong and mein bohot thankful hu ki mein yaha aya hu. Bigg Boss ne mujhe bohot strong kar diya.” He further goes on calling the BB house as an ‘Emotional Rehab’ and ‘Detox Centre’. Neha agrees with him and mentions, “Bigg Boss ghar ek bohot acha learning experience hai.”

The singer further also explains that when she was new to the OTT Bigg Boss, she acted like a child and did whatever she liked. However it was later that she realised she was looking bad. She expresses how this house has brought a sense of stability to her entire existence, and how she’ll forever be thankful for everything.