Bigg Boss 15: Love triangle to brew up between Devoleena Bhattacharjee, Pratik Sehajpal and Nishant Bhat; Here’s what we know

Love is in the air in the Bigg Boss house?

Bigg Boss 15 house have the craziest and hilarious moments at times. In one of the Extra Masala snippet the trioDevoleena, Pratik and Nishant turn actors and enact a love triangle scene. The scene is in such a way that Nishant turns homeless and Pratik and Devoleena find him at Budhapest airport. The duo find him and ask him that why did he leave. Nishant romances Devoleena and says,”Devo, mene tumse pyaar karta hu lekin mein nahi aapaya uss din.” Devoleena cries and says that he has ditched her.

Later Pratik enters and says that,”Devo, tum iske saath chali jao.” To which Nishant then refuses as he has nothing now. Pratik enters entertainment as he asks Nishant where are the 50 crore that he took from jiju. Devoleena then shows her frustration that someone ask her whom she wants in her life and throws things  from the table. There is no two ways about their acting skills. Pratik is then seeing concluding by giving the best punch line that no one could have imagined of. Pratik says,”Devo, tum sirf.. tum sirf Bichukale dada ki ho.” The trio then could not laugh after hearing this and Devoleena hits Pratik in fun banter.