Bigg Boss 15: ‘Khudke ghar ke andar aise pesh aate ho?’ Salman Khan slams Afsana Khan for violence

In tonight’s Weekend Ka Vaar episode of Bigg Boss 15, Salman Khan will slam Afsana Khan as she created violence inside the BB house this previous week.

A latest Bigg Boss 15 promo has been displayed recently. It’s a Weekend Ka Vaar promo featuring host Salman Khan and the contestants. In this episode, Salman slams Afsana Khan for creating violence against the entire house. However, Salman starts by listing all the stuff that she said about her co-contestant Shamita Shetty. Later when Afsana tries to defend herself, Salman taunts her. Moreover, she tries to clarify that why she was angry and then Salman questions her whether she would do anything in the guise of it. Later Salman reveals her pattern in the show and the housemates all cheer the host for finally disclosing the truth in front of everyone. Contestants like- Vishal Kotian, Shamita Shetty, Jay Bhanushali include in the same.

Subsequently, Afsana tries to explain that she always respected each and everyone but others disagree. Moreover, Akasa Singh adds saying that Afsana feels that she is always in the right and Simba Nagpal calls her egocentric. Meanwhile, the host asks her whether she behaves in the same manner inside her own house. He also tells her that they don’t want the kind of content she is giving on the show. It appears like Salman will take a decision against Afsana which will fall her into tears.

Here is the promo:

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