Bigg Boss 15: Karan Kundrra threatens to rip ‘Bichukale and Sons’ box for Elimination Task; Latter pleads, “Woh meri rozi roti hai”

Abhijeet Bichukale becomes one of the first contestants to compete for ‘Elimination task’ gets threatened by Karan Kundrra who frightens to rip off his Bichukale & sons box

Bigg Boss 15 competitors frequently find a way out of the tasks assigned to them by having them canceled. However, their ruse failed this time, as Bigg Boss imposed a hefty punishment in exchange.
Bigg Boss has scrapped all of the ‘Ticket to Finale’ tasks in favor of a new ‘Elimination task,’ which will result in direct eviction of the competitors and the selection of the last five. This came as a complete surprise to everyone, and now the housemates will be competing with each other in the task.
Abhijeet Bichukale, the nominated competitor, was the first contestant to struggle for his survival and is battling to go through the torment of his other contestants. In the latest Bigg Boss 15 promo for the upcoming episode, he is seen getting into a large box and holding on until the timer goes off to gain ahead in the game. Meanwhile, other contestants abuse him in order to force him to give up the task and exit the box.
Nishant Bhat uses raw egg and Devoleena splashes water on him while Pratik Sehajpal attempts to poke him with a stick. Karan Kundrra is also seen threatening him by ripping his ‘Bichukale & Sons’ box off. Karan’s threat frightens Abhijeet. “Wo meri rozi roti hai,” he responds. Abhijeet even requests Karan not to do so in the promo.