Bigg Boss 15: Karan Kundrra reveals he believes in the concept of ‘punarjanam’; Says, “Mujhe toh raat ko bhi bhalte hi sapne atte hai”

Karan Kundrra explains Nishant about past birth and future birth concept

Bigg Boss 15 house has contestants from different religions as India is known for having citizens with different religion staying together. In one such Extra Masala snippet Karan Kundrra is seen explaining Nishant about how past birth and after life are connected. He starts of by saying,”Hinduism mein toh aisa hota hai ki punar janam rebirth after life and how it functions.”

He elaborates by saying that,”Mere saath aisa hua hai, personality traits jo hote hai woh kaha se aate hai, from your past life.” He further explains Nishant that we have our conscious and sub conscious mind where in our sub conscious tell us the instincts that we don’t follow as our conscious mind tell us about what to do in this life about money, career, family, love, fame and other things. He also mentioned that how an app and her trainer helped him in this as in his relationships he was loosing it all.


He further adds that through the help of the app he use to mediate for 2 hours and that would take him to another world. Specifying he further added that,”Muje raat ko bhi alag ki sapne aate the, usually what we do normally or think about uske sapne aate hai, but that is not the case here.” Nishant liked this and wanted to know more about the app and wanted to try this therapy.