Bigg Boss 15: Karan Kundrra feels Neha Bhasin will ‘ruin’ Pratik Sehajpal’s game

Karan is seen stating that either Neha motivates Pratik to play a better game or she plans on to ruin his game.

The controversial and infamous house of Bigg Boss 15 witnesses changing equations every moment. In an Extra Masala snippet, the brothers of the house Karan Kundrra and Nishant Bhat are seen talking about Pratik Sehajpal and Neha Bhasin’s equation. Karan is seen starting the conversation stating that Neha motivates Pratik to play a better game or ruining his game. He further elaborates his point by saying that the vibes she is giving might destroy Pratik’s game. The actor said that if he has a full positive energy when he wakes up and goes to Nishant and cheers him up the whole day that vibe will be there to better the game and it can be done vice-versa as well.

On the other hand Nishant said that he feels that Neha and Pratik are on the same page be it their equation, friendship or anything. Later in the clip it is also seen that the duo talk about one of the tasks and Rakesh’s statement over Nishant. The statement made by him in OTT for Nishant was that he has brought Nishant on the bigger picture. Later the duo make fun as Karan says that he has brought Nishant as a fabulous choreographer in the house by his crazy dance which enlightened him and inspired him to create a different dance form. At the end Nishant could not help but agree with Karan.