Bigg Boss 15: Karan Kundrra and Nishant Bhat gives Tejasswi Prakash new nickname

In an Unseen Undekha of Bigg Boss 15, Nishant Bhat and Karan Kundrra begin teasing Umar Riaz and Tejasswi Prakash by giving the duo nicknames.

It has been almost five weeks since Bigg Boss 15 has begun and the housemates have already shared many stressful and heated times with each other. It is not only refreshing for the viewers but also for the housemates to get some time without the fight and controversies and actually have fun inside the house. In one such video, we can see Karan Kundrra, Nishant Bhat, Umar Riaz, and Tejasswi Prakash having laughs in the bath area.

In the Unseen Undekha clip of Bigg Boss 15, Karan, Umar, and Nishant can be seen in the Bath area where Nishant asks Umar the reason behind him coming to Bigg Boss. Umar laughs at this question and says that “I had a very different plan for myself when I came into the house but it has all gone down the drain.” He made a snake gesture with his hand to which Karan says, “You anyway got many snakes in the house as well.” Umar continues by saying, “After the wildcard entry, I had some hopes that I would be able to connect with someone but now that I look around the house, everyone has eyes on her.” At this point, Tejasswi enters the Bath area and Nishant and Karan starts telling her to rename herself from ‘Tejasswi’ to either ‘Tejasswinii,’Kaju’ or ‘Teju’. To this, Tejasswi says, “Kaju is cute, but Teju is not my name. Everyone calls me Teju, but it is not my name.”