Bigg Boss 15: Karan Kundrra tells Nishant Bhat about Afsana Khan being touched without permission

In Unseen Undekha of Bigg Boss 15, Karan Kundrra tells Nishant Bhat about an incident where Afsana Khan was touched without her consent.

Bigg Boss involves many participants who know a lot about what happens in the Bollywood industry, in and out. In an Unseen Undekha clip of Bigg Boss 15, Karan Kundrra can be seen telling Nishant Bhat about one such incident where Afsana Khan was touched without her permission and knowledge.

In the clip shared by Voot, Nishant admits not knowing the whole incident which made Afsana claim that she was touched inappropriately and nonconsensually. Karan then takes the charge and starts to tell him the whole incident by saying that “I was going to the washroom when she stopped me and said someone touched her hand. This could be her game as well. This is a cry for help and the reason she came to me to talk about this was maybe that I have stated her to be my sister. Had it been Meisha, I would have still stopped considering the show and would have taken a charge of this just like I did. As a brother, I went to the place where everyone was sitting and pointed this out.” Karan continued to narrate this incident by saying that  “While I was trying to bring the incident to everyone’s attention, Jay, Shamita and Prateek were talking about the task. I told them to stop discussing the task for a while because as a brother if my sister tells me that she has been touched inappropriately, I would not barge in here to talk to you about some task. This triggered them and Jay started coming and charging at me. He was pretty adamant about it. I asked Jay that if this incident would have happened outside the house, you would have taken it into consideration, rather than the way he is choosing to focus on the task in the house like a stupid.”


Karan continued telling Nishant about further happenings. He said, “At this point, Shamita comes up to and says that ‘As a woman, I have to be aware while putting the prop of the task inside my clothes that some housemate might try to reach inside them and take the prop away.’ I told them that I was not talking about it with the context of the task, but they kept supporting this.”