Bigg Boss 15: Jay Bhanushali recalls how he ‘screwed up’ his clubbing date with Mahhi Vij

In an Unseen Undekha video, Jay can be seen recalling his clubbing date with now wife Mahhi. Read on.

Indian television’s most talked about reality show, Bigg Boss, is well known for all the drama, controversies and entertainment. Jay Bhanushali, who’s currently locked in the hiuse, has the art to entertain his audience and never fails to impress them with his amusing stories. In one such Unseen Dekha snippet, Jay is seen talking about his early dating days with then girlfriend now wife Mahhi Vij. He mentions how they had decided not to disclose their relationship, but unfortunately is was out in media after a couple of days.

Jay recalls an incident where he was out in a club with Mahhi and a girl he knew entered in the same club. He explains that as soon as he entered the club he went to the staff and said, “Yaha pe sabse andhera konna kaunsa hai?” Hearing this housemates could not control their laughter! Jay clears that he was just trying to hide from that girl and he was roaming behind Mahhi everywhere she went. Adding further he says, “Phir Mahhi washroom gayi aur waha toh mein nahi jaa sakta, so I was waiting outside! Bada tension tha yaar.”


Mentioning what happened after that, was something none of housemates imagined. The girl Jay was trying to hide from met Mahhi in the washroom and all the beans were spilled as Mahhi came out the washroom and told Jay, “We have to leave.” By now Jay got the hint as Mahhi’s facial expression had changed. After this incident Mahhi asked Jay about his past relationships and everything that a partner needs to know!

Jay is now happily married to Mahhi and they are blessed with a beautiful  daughter, Tara.