Bigg Boss 15: Jay Bhanushali confronts Shamita Shetty of having similar plans for the house.

In an Unseen Undekha of Bigg Boss 15, Jay Bhanushali talks to Shamita Shetty about his performance in the house and feels like they are similar.

Bigg Boss is all about the strategies of an individual which can help them to maintain firm feet in the house. Many participants make plans and strategies to make sure that they are in the house until the end and hopefully, win the show as well. One such participant for this season of Bigg Boss is Jay Bhanushali. In a recent clip shared by Voot, he was seen talking to Shamita Shetty about how she has a similar plan for her survival in the house.

In an Unseen Undekha clip of Bigg Boss 15, Jay and Shamita can be seen in the Bedroom area where Jay expresses his concern about how they both have a similar strategy in the house yet people are only appreciating Shamita’s play and not his. Hearing this, Shamita says, “No, at times you become very rigid. Don’t go back in that zone where you feel as if you are not visible. Things have changed a little for you because you are doing right.” Jay continues to stay concerned about his plan as he says, “Maybe the right things are not going right for me. Frankly speaking, what is happening here is that if we have a similar game, it is more suitable for a girl than a boy. If I think about others, it is going against me.” Shamita strongly disagrees with Jay and asks him, “For whom, in the house, are being selfless? How can you say that that’s the issue? You are assuming.”


Jay then continues saying that “I have sacrificed all that I had to and now, I won’t do anything blindly for anyone until I receive something from the front. Things have changed, now that there are more housemates, I am unable to maintain the bonds I already had before the wildcards entered the house.” Shamita tells him to not play the game with this mindset as it might disturb his game. She adds, “You’ll go mad if you keep thinking like this.”