Bigg Boss 15: Jay Bhanushali and Umar Riaz discuss their game strategy; The former says, “Mere liye uss time best bet Nishant hi tha”

Jay Bhanushali and Umar Riaz discuss the game and talk about their relations in the house.

Bigg Boss 15 house is divided into alliances after the task and housemates have formed their own groups. Nishant Pratik and Neha are together, on the other hand Karan, Tejasswi and Shamita can be said as another group. Vishal, Jay, Umar and Rajiv are playing their individual games with joined hands on both sides. In one of the extra masala snippet Jay and Umar are seen discussing the task.

Umar said that Jay trusted Nishant but it did not go in his favour. Jay defended by saying that, “Mere liye uss time best bet Nishant hi tha.” Jay further expressed that ,”Being opinionated and going against the team, there is a huge difference.” Umar agrees toout h him and they also speak about how VIP members had changed after getting power. Jay also spoke bluntly that Umar spoke for himself in the jail task which was opinionated and not going against your team.


Jay further mentions that he has built relations with everyone but if it comes to survival I will stand for my survival first. Umar agrees with the actor and says,” Nishant ko choose karna was best at that time. Tere sabke saath relations hai, be it cold war or good relations.” It seems that a new friendship can be seen in the house as the spark can be seen already!