Bigg Boss 15: Jay Bhanushali advices Shamita Shetty to marry Raqesh Bapat; Says, “Mein Raqesh ko hasta-khilkhilata hua nahi dekh pa raha”

In an Extra Masala video, Jay and Neha can be seen teasing Shamita and advising her to tie the knots with Raqesh as soon as possible.

The OTT version of Bigg Boss witnessed love blooming in between Shamita Shetty and Raqesh Bapat, which is now being carried forward in the current season of the show. Fans loving also tag this ‘newly in love’ couple as ‘Raksha’, and are eagerly waiting to know what their next step in the relationship would be. However, some housemates of this season have already decided to get the duo married in the house itself!

In an Extra Masala video, aired on Voot,  we can see Shamita Shetty, Jay Bhanushali, Neha Bhasin and Afsana Khan chit-chatting in the garden area. Neha pulls Shamita’s leg on her views on marriage with Raqesh, as she says, “Dekh set up bana hi hua hai, yaha mandap bhandva dege, shadi idhar hi kar lena bahar jakar fir formalities dekh lena!” Hearing this Shamita blurts out, “Pagal ho kya tum log?” She makes a weird face, however Jay seems to be supporting the former. He joins in the teasing and adds, “Jyada wait karne se na samne wale ki khamiya jyada dikhne lagti hai,” to this Neha bursts into laughter.


The duo continue with their advice, as Jay adds, “Pehle shadi fir barbadi, jaldi jaldi shadi karo, mummy ko bulate hai. Chat mangni patt byah!” While Raqesh walks in the mid conversation, Jay pokes Shamita saying, “Mujhse ab ye hasta khilkhilata hua nai dekha jata, jaldi shadi karlo please.” Shetty turns pink and asks Jay to shut up however, he goes on asking Raqesh on his views, who simply looks at Shamita while nodding his head shyly.