Bigg Boss 15: Jay Bhanushali advice Rajiv; Says, “Fame ko haazam karna aana chahiye”

Jay Bhanushali gives advice to Rajiv from his past experiences.

Bigg Boss 15 house has people who help each other and stand by each other in tough times. One such relation where Jay Bhanushali is seen giving Rajiv a lifetime remembering advice. In extra masala snippet Jay tells Rajiv that he will get attentions and fame like he has not get before. He says,” Tere paas logo selfies aur autographs lene aayege.”

Rajiv agrees that his life will change after Bigg Boss, Jay then says that he should not let that fame reach his head. He mentiones,”Fame ko haazam karna aana chahiye.” Rajiv definitely agrees with him and tells him that he is grounded. Jay then tells that from his past experiences with his friends he has seen that they always told him that when its your bad time you stay grounded but in your good times also you have to be grounded.


Rajiv then mentions to Jay that he is going to become a huge person after this show as his fame will be to another level. Jay stops him and says that whatever will be the case he knows his roots. Rajiv concludes by saying that how much ever he will grow or achieve in future to remain grounded and humble is important. There is no two ways about Jay being humble as he sticks to his principles and roots.