Bigg Boss 15: Is Karan Kundrra jealous over Tejasswi Prakash’s closeness with Nishant Bhat?

Karan Kundrra is jealous over Tejasswi making plans with Nishant Bhat

Bigg Boss 15’s couple, Tejasswi Prakash and Karan Kundrra made making headlines for their sweet romantic interactions onscreen in the past
Now, the lovebirds have begun to face issues in their relationship. In the new episode,  Karan Kundrra is seen getting jealous over Tejasswi Prakash talking to Nishant Bhat. In the episode, Tejasswi and Nishant formed an alliance in the house and were seen discussing strategies to break the morale of the VIP members of the house.

Tejasswi had come up with a plan to steal from VIP storage. She discussed her strategy with Nishant. Nishant told her to keep it a secret as someone may hinder it. When Karan was talking about taking Salman Khan’s advice seriously, Tejasswi asked Karan about the statement he made about him feeling more of a team with Umar Riaz? Karan answers that he just said it casually as Umar is at least there to speak to him while she doesn’t speak with him at all.


Showing his jealousy, he states that she speaks to Nishant way more than him. Tejassswi denies and tells him she only talks about generic things with Nishant.
Karan disagrees with her reminds that, she used to share every little thing with him in the beginning. Later on in the day, Nishant and Tejasswi share another plan in front of Karan. When Tejasswi asks Karan about the same he ignores her and tells her to ask Nishant.