Bigg Boss 15: Ieshaan Sehgal gets emotional about Rajiv Adatia, says ‘bahot stupid hei’

In a clip of Bigg Boss 15, Ieshaan Sehgaal gets emotional while expressing his thoughts on Rajiv Adatia.

Bigg Boss 15 has completed almost five weeks and the groups have formed. Amongst the groups, backstabbing, gossiping, planning and plotting seem like a day one ritual for the participants. However, there are few participants who do get emotional while talking about their fellow housemates. In one such clip of Bigg Boss 15, Ieshaan Sehgaal was seen getting emotional while talking about what type of a man does he perceive Rajiv Adatia to be.

In an Extra Masala clip shared by Voot, Ieshaan can be seen sitting with Meisha Iyer near the pool area where he starts the conversation by saying that, “Rajiv bahot  simple insaan hei, par bahot stupid hei… He usually blabbers all that he has to say.” Meisha agrees with him and says, “Rajiv feels as if he has a lot of knowledge about the game. So, he comes and pumps me to play the game.” Ieshaan then continues saying that “I am not saying this because he is my friend, but honestly, I was shocked to meet him because of the way he was acting in the game, all hyper and loud. He is hyper in real life as well, but he is very clean by heart. I have fought so many times with him in my life that I chose to ignore the way he was calling me out as a fake friend the other day. I know him by nature. The next morning, he came up to me in the Kitchen and apologised for the way he was behaving and also said that he did not mean what all he said.”


Ieshaan continued by saying, “All that you have told Meisha that I am not a part of your inner circle, to which Rajiv said that he was very furious that day.” Meisha then called Ieshaan an attention seeker to which he said that “Swear to God, there is nothing like that.”