Bigg Boss 15: Housemates plan a grand celebration for Pratik Sehajpal’s birthday

Grand planning takes place for Pratik Sehajpal’s birthday by housemates

Bigg Boss 15 house has some strong bonds and when a contestant’s birthday falls when he/she is in Bigg Boss house it is a one time celebration. Pratik Sehajpal’s birthday is just a few days later. Pratik will turn 30 years this 19th December. In the Live Feed it is seen that his friends Nishant, Rakhi and Shamita recalled that Pratik’s birthday is just after few days.

Pratik then says,”Ohh god, mein 30 years ka hojaunga, safed baal aayenge kya, mere shakaal se lagega ki mein 30 years ka hu.” Shamita also expresses that his birthday might change the atmosphere of the house. Rakhi then demands from Bigg Boss,”Chocolate cake bhejna, woh protein wala cake maat bhejna.” Nishant is seen showing dance steps to Rakhi and she is learning them it seems. There can be a grand celebration on Pratik’s birthday.


Rashami Desai, Neha Bhasin have celebrated their birthday’s in Bigg Boss. They have always said that when Bigg Boss wishes them birthday it just makes their day. Comment us down whether you are a Pratik’s fan and want his birthday to be special in the Bigg Boss house. There can be chances that the OTT friends, Devoleena and other housemates to make his birthday special and memorable.