Bigg Boss 15: Housemates attack Pratik Sehajpal during the Ticket To Finale Task?

Housemates attacked Pratik Sehajpal during the Ticket To Finale Task. Housemates try their level best to provoke him.

Bigg Boss 15 house has changing equations among the housemates during tasks, especially close relations are tested. In the recent episode we saw that Pratik, Shamita and Bichukale were assigned a task and they had give no expressions. In the task Abhijeet was out in the first round itself and later housemates had to perform the task between the duo.

In the task Abhijeet attacked Pratik and removed his disliking and frustration on him. Bichukale went personal and also said things on his mother and recalled incident where he is worst contestant on this house. Housemates did not say much to Shamita but focused on Pratik and targeted him. He is one of the contestants who were targeted and said many things to him right from defaming him to questions his equations. However, none of the contenders gave a step back and reacted to it. Later Devoleena was seen lashing out at Bichukale for getting personal.

Pratik however, tried to calm her but she went out of control. It seems that things are going to be worse and equations are being tested. Pratik had turned full red and when Nishant and Shamita questioned him he changed the topic. It seems that Pratik has hurt himself and he turned red. Pratik did an outstanding performance and was brilliant in the task.

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