Bigg Boss 15: Here’s why Tejasswi Prakash is mad at Pratik Sehajpal; Calls him out, “Shi, tu bohot gandha insaan hai”

In an Extra Masala video, Tejasswi, Pratik and Nishant are seen having fun in the kitchen area.

Bigg Boss 15 has leveled up on the entertainment quotient ever since the entry of the wild card entries. These new contestants have also helped to boost the already existing housemates. However, this has left the house divided into VIPs (wild card entries) and Non-VIPs (contestants).

In one such Extra Masala video, we can see the Non-VIPs Nishant Bhat, Pratik Sehajpal and Tejasswi Prakash having a hilarious banter in the kitchen area. It starts with Nishant telling Pratik, “Aee chaman, papaya juice banakar dena.” To which, the latter says, “Chal chal, hatt. Mein kuch nai deta banakar!” Saying this he starts coughing weirdly making it gross for Tejasswi and Nishant. Pratik laughs and asks, “Ab bata piyega kya juice?” to which Nishant replies, “Tere hath se ab kuch nai khana bhai.”


Pratik doesn’t stop his tactics here as he goes on annoying Tejasswi. He wipes his nose with his hands and then touches the latter’s cheeks which makes her shout, “Shiii Pratik, kitna gandha insaan hai yaar tu! Pratik you are going below the belt ha.” He laughs and snaps back, “I’m going above the chin.” He further acts like spitting on his hands and tries going to Nishant, seeing which the choreographer starts running in the entire kitchen.

The trio later end up talking about how weird noises people in the house make which sneezing and coughing. They are also seen laughing their hearts out with making some weird noises themselves!