Bigg Boss 15: Here’s why Shamita Shetty re-entered the house after she lost her conscious

Shamita Shetty fainted in Bigg Boss 15 house.

Bigg Boss 15 house have witnessed one of the biggest cat-fights in the history it seems. Devoleena and Shamita were at loggerheads in the nomination task and the actress walked out of the race as she thought it was an unfair decision. Late in the promo, it was seen that yet again Devoleena and Shamita got into a verbal fight when it Devoleena was heard saying, “Shamita tuje kya lagta hai, akaal sirf tujme hai.”

Later Shamita gave it back to her and it transformed into a huge battle as housemates had to get involve to stop them. The result ended up Shamita fainting and get a panic attack it seems. The medical team had arrived and the actress decided to quit the show, Pratik was also seen packing Shamita’s belongings. But after a while of medication Shamita was seen back in the house. The question arrived when she was out of the house why did she come back. The reports come that the makers of the show convinced Shamita to re-enter the house after receiving proper medication.


Shamita was seen appealing the audience that she does not want to stay in this house as it is unfair to see such decisions taken by the opposition. Shamita is in nominations currently and also in Bottom 4 in vote trends. There might be chances of her eviction this weekend.