Bigg Boss 15: Here’s an adorable UmRash moment! Umar politely tries to convince Rashami and asks for forgiveness

Umar Riaz tries to convince Rashami and asks for forgiveness. Umar tries his best to sort out things with Rashami

Bigg Boss 15 house has changing equations and the house is known for its bonds and equations. Umar and Rashami share a really good bond and there is no two ways that viewers love them together. In the Christmas celebration viewers saw Rashami gifting Umar a sweet letter and chain.

In the Live Feed it is seen that there is a dispute between Umar and Rashami and surgeon is trying his level best to convince Rashami that it was not his fault. However, most of the conversation was muted the glimpse comes that Umar says,”Mene kisi ka naam nahi liya.” His intentions were not to hurt her while Rashami is seen pissed off with Umar. Umar tries to sort out things with Rashami and be back to normal. However, the reason behind their fight is not revealed but viewers hope that Umar and Rashami are back together.


Fans love UmRash and they are immensely adorable and cute together. The duo have named their bond friendship and nothing beyond that. Rashami knows Umar from outside as Umar and Asim are brothers. Umar has a special place for actress.For more updates and details from Bigg Boss house stay tuned with us!