Bigg Boss 15: Have a look at Rakhi Sawant turning into an ‘Adarsh Patni’ for hubby Ritesh

Rakhi Sawant shares a quirky moment with her husband Ritesh

In the recent Bigg Boss 15 unseen undekha clip, Rakhi Sawant and her husband Ritesh are seen having to spend a quirky and sweet moment with each other. In the clip, Rakhi turns into an Adarsh Patni to fulfill Ritesh’s wish and later on they talk about Julie.
The Unseen Undekha clip starts with Rakhi Sawant fondly hugging Ritesh. As they share a romantic moment with each other Rakhi asks Ritesh to wish for something from her.

Ritesh then tells her to massage his legs and Rakhi complies. As she takes on the role of the Adarsh Patni to fulfill his demands Rakhi jokingly asks if he wants to message his neck as well.
Ritesh tells Rakhi to stick to her legs and not to go above them. Ritesh then says, “Param Anand, Dekho Bigg Boss mein toh captain sae hi kaam kara Raha hun.”
The couple then moves on to talk about Rakhi’s scarry act Julie as Ritesh acts to forget Rakhi for a while. He asks Rakhi if she has put on any makeup or not as his Jula is waiting for her.


He further adds to put on a vampire styles makeup and transforms into Julie for her Jula. Rakhi then goes to get ready but Ritesh stops her and tells her that, if Julie is 400 years old then the Jula (Ritesh) is 1200 years older than her.
In the end, the two of them share a romantic moment once again.