Bigg Boss 15: Find out what is Tejasswi Prakash asked to do as a part of ‘Dare,’ as housemates enjoy ‘Truth or Dare’ game

Housemates play truth or Dare

Bigg Boss 15 house has contestants who are at times opposite each other and at times craeate some beautiful memories together. One such video housemates are seen playing truth and dare where Shamita, Rashami, Tejasswi and Rajiv are seen plying it at the dining area. At first when the bottle spins Tejasswi gets the dare that she has to stand up on the table and say,”Mein ghar mein sabse zyada annoying hur batmeez hu.”

The actress completes the dare like a sportsmen. Later when the bottle spins Shamita gets the answering where she has to say the truth when did she last make out and the actress revealed it. When Rajiv wanted to know more details the tables turned as Rajiv had to answer when did he do the same.


Rajiv then says,”Mein kahunga lekin phir problem hojayegi, inn logo ko…” Rajiv further adds that,” Voh.. mein.. show pe aane se phele.” Rashami, Shamita and Tejasswi could not control their laughter and all four of them ended up laughing the way Rajiv was answering and being honest. Have a look at the promo here:

The Bigg Boss house has major twist and turns and the latest tragic twist is that the house VIP ‘s and other housemates are at the same level and the competition is at the same ground.