Bigg Boss 15: Fans stand united for Umar Riaz; Trend, “COLORS STOP HARASSING UMAR” which crosses 200k tweets

Fans stand united by Umar Riaz ; Trend,”COLORS STOP HARASSING UMAR”

Bigg Boss 15 house contestants have witnessed bashing from Salman Khan. The things said to Umar did not go well with the viewers as they have united and trended Umar on social media. They started the trend COLORS STOP HARASSING UMAR which has crosses 200k tweets.

One of the tweets read,”What exactly is tameez? @ColorsTV you will teach tameez? You guys need to learn that yourselves coz u don’t show any when your idiotic show constantly targets a doctor and crosses all lines of integrity & decency. COLORS STOP HARASSING UMAR.”


The other one read,”On the one hand, maker’s and sk are behaving in such a dirty way with Β @realumarriaz, they are repeatedly dragging Asim and bullying Asim him again and again who is not even a part of this season !! COLORS STOP HARASSING UMAR.” Have a look at some of the tweets here:

Umar’s profession has been brought up many times and that is not right according to his fandom. Doctors have been god during the pandemic time as they treated patients 24 by 7 without resting and caring about their lives. Umar’s personality is being defamed is the opinion by majority of the fans.