Bigg Boss 15: Fans shower their love on Pratik Sehajpal as they trend ‘We Love Pratik Ki Akad’ on Twitter

Fans trend ‘Pratik Ki Akad’ on Twitter.

Weekend Ka Vaar is terrifying for contestanst as they face the reality and come to know where they stand in the race. Salman Khan shows housemates the reality and pin point their mistakes. Pratik is also seen yesterday for standing up for the right, he might not be people pleaser but stands up and put forth his point of view.

Pratik always gives it back and shows what is his game whenever questions are raised on him. After Karan and Pratik’s massive fight the reality was out. Fans support Pratik and say that Akad is the best thing to have. One of the tweet read,” He spoke what he felt rather than sugar-coating things. If they think that’s akad then WE LOVE PRATIK KI AKAD And we proudly stand by him, he has a charming personality who doesn’t follow the crowd, he is just himself..”


The other tweet read,” If believing in yourself and having faith in your believe is akad than this is the best thing to have. @realsehajpal always take firm stands for the things he believes in and that makes him different from all these people who play in a group. WE LOVE PRATIK KI AKAD.” Pratik was given the title of Akad and Karan was given the tag of Akal by the housemates. Have a look at some of the tweets here: