Bigg Boss 15: Fans demand makers to ‘Be Fair’ with Umar Riaz- “Don’t you evict him at any cost”

Fans demand makers to ‘Be Fair’ with Umar Riaz and says to do justice with him. Trend BB BE FAIR WITH UMAR on Twitter.

The physical fight between Umar and Pratik have made it to the headlines. Fans are supporting Umar Riaz and demanding makers to be fair with him. They have started the trend BB BE FAIR WITH UMAR which has crossed 500k tweets. Fans are demanding justice for him as there are reports that he is going to be evicted from the house. 

One of the tweets read,”1: when pratik pushed umar 2: when simba pushed umar 3: when kk got physical with pratik 4: when shamita pushed rakhi 5: when jay pushed pratik. And so on.. Where was bigg boss than? #UMARRIAZ k time maryada yd aa gyi.. BB BE FAIR WITH UMAR.”

The other tweet from fan read,”BB BE FAIR WITH UMAR Why there is no punishment for continuosly poking a man to a point that he loses his calm? how is that okay @BiggBoss @ColorsTV ?? pratik was poking umar from yesterday and what umar did was a reaction to it and where were you when others did the same?”

Umar Riaz is one of the most sensitive contestants and has always stood by what is right and is a fair contestant. Rajiv has also stood out for Umar Riaz as in an interview with E Times he said that Umar is the most sensitive persona and he has always stood for him and for housemates when they need him. Have a look at some of the tweets here:

Umar Riaz is a doctor from J & K and fans are praising his fame and supporting him as he is not unfair. For more updates stay tuned with us.

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