Bigg Boss 15: Umar Riaz is Tejasswi Prakash’s new gym trainer

In an Extra Masala clip of Bigg Boss 15, Umar Riaz steps in as the trainer and teaches Tejasswi Prakash the correct form during her workout.

Every contestant who participates in Bigg Boss is an expert in several fields, which obviously makes it more entertaining and at times, controversial as well. In Bigg Boss 15, we have Umar Riaz who has taken the decision to step in the shoes of a gym trainer while he helped Tejasswi Prakash during her workout in the Gym area of the house as he went on telling her the correct form during her workout routine.

In the Extra Masala clip, we can see Karan Kundra working out on his own as Umar Riaz steps in the frame talking to him that Karan is not telling any exercises to Tejasswi Prakash, who follows him a little later. Umar continues to mock Tejasswi by saying that “Karan was pretty fit a year ago, but just because he has not been in his best shape recently does not mean you will take him lightly.” Hearing this, Tejasswi walks to Karan who was on the cycle and asks him to guide her for a specific exercise to which Karan politely says,  “Just do what Umar was guiding you to do.” Umar then goes on to load the weight on the Cable Fly machine and Tejasswi steps in.


The trio shares a few giggles as Umar continues to guide Tejasswi to do the exercise properly. After a while, Karan asks to go back inside the house and continue the debate about chapatis that he was indulged in before Tejasswi asked Umar to help him with Cable flies.