Bigg Boss 15: Devoleena talks about the pain in her life; Says, “God itni tests lete hai na”

Devoleena talks about pain in her life and Pratik and Rakhi also share their stories.

Bigg Boss 15 house contestants stories are not easy but they have slogged and struggled a lot in their life to reach where they are today. In one of the Extra Masala snippet it is seen that Rakhi starts the topic that she has faced many surgery and faced bad phases in her life. Devoleena also adds that even she has not got everything easily as God has tested her so many times.

Devoleena says that when you have pain and you want your people around you, you pray to God and then things fall in place. The actress says,”God itni tests lete hai na, lekin aakhir mein milta hai.” Pratik also adds up by saying,”Aap agar koe cheez sidhhhat se maungo toh puri hi hoti hai.” Rakhi then adds up that God sees everything and they know what is the limit that their child can tolerate.


Rakhi further adds that,”Woh hum chote ponds mein, gado mein hote hai aur phir aakhir mein samundar hota hai.” The trio agree that everything is decided by God and he takes care of their children. Pratik narrates one of the incident where in childhood he suffered from Jaundice and he had to go through the operation where doctors had to remove the blood and pass new blood in his body.

It is rightly said,”Bhagwan ek darwaaza band karta hai toh dusra bhi khlota hai,” The trio end their discussion there! For more updates stay tuned !