Bigg Boss 15: Devoleena Bhattacharjee bashes of Rashami Desai; Says, “Woh khud sabse phele bolti thi sojaao sojaaao”

Devoleena and Rashami indirectly against each other; Says,”woh khud sabse phele bolti thi sojaao sojaaao”

Bigg Boss 15 house witness fights and heated arguments will lead to end of bond. Rashami and Devoleena are not having a good bond from the past few days and indirectly let each other down in front of others. The Live Feed reports read that yet again last night Devoleena & Rajiv were sleeping. On the other hand Umar Riaz and Rashami has argument so they weren’t sleeping & kept talking to sort out their issues.

The conversation was in whispers that other housemates sleep should not get disturbed but Bigg Boss made announcement as they were violating the rules and Devoleena’s sleep was disturbed. The very next morning Devoleena brought the topic where in Bigg Boss 13 Rashami use to say,”woh khud sabse phele bolti thi sojaao sojaaao and stuff related to that.” Tejasswi Prakash tells her to says what she wants Rashami Desai but not bring up the last season topic again and again. It seems right from the morning the disputes and differ of opinion has started.


Rashami and Devoleena were close friends in Bigg Boss 13 and were good outside the house as well. In the current game also Rashami is seen taking stand for Devoleena and standing by her. However due to exchange of harsh words and certain statements the duo have had massive fights which have lead them apart.