Bigg Boss 15: Despite Neha’s terrific outburst; Pratik makes her birthday special by making a step towards ‘Friendship’

Pratik and Neha’s fight, Pratik makes her birthday special by hugging her and wishing her.

Bigg Boss 15 house have major fights and outbursts, in yesterday’s episode Pratik and Neha have a massive heated argument and Neha’s terrific outburst on Pratik and Nishant. Neha was calm for a very longtime but yesterday it busted out like a lava, while some housemates were with Neha while some were against her. Neha turned a year older yesterday and despite the fact of their heated up argument, Pratik came with other housemates and wished Neha.

It did not stop here but Pratik also hugged Neha and also asked for forgiveness and expressed him that if she wants they will only remain in talking terms in the house. Fans are however hoping that things will change between the duo and calmly waiting for things ti change. One of the tweets read,” #PratikFam & #NehTik fans let’s assemble so that we can disrupt the toxic trolling that is affecting both of them & has earned #PratikFam a bad name Please give love a chance Let’s start a trend so positive that we change the game inside the #BB15 house TAGLINE: WE LOVE NEHTIK.” 


Later it was also seen that Neha and Pratik have a discussion over their equation but do not reach to any conclusion. Fans are loving Pratik’s gesture as he took the initiative to bring back things to normal as they were earlier. Have a look at the tweet here: