Bigg Boss 15: CHECK OUT- Memes made on Rashami and Devoleena on the statement ‘Tu jalti hai’

Memes are made on Rashami Desai and Devoleena after their massive fight.

Bigg Boss 15 house has witnessed a huge fight between best friends Rashami and Devoleena. The duo had a huge fight where Rashami and Devoleena were against each other. Devoleena said words like,”Tuje logo ki zarurat hai.” To which Rashami gave it back,”Tuje logo ki zarurat hoti hogi, Rashami Desai ko nahi.” The Saathiya actress also brought the past season and her connection with Umar to which Rashami said,”Tu jalti hai.”

Memers got their punch line and in no time memes were made on both the actress. The memes got viral on social media and fans started laughing and complimented it. In Weekend episode Salman brought the topic and the disputes were discussed. It will be interesting to see whether the friends come back or they part their ways. Have a look at some of the tweets here:


Rashami and Devoleena became friends during Bigg Boss 13 season where the duo meet each other. However, in this season it seems that equation is not the same. But, Rashami has always taken stand for Devoleena and that was not hidden from viewers eyes.

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