Bigg Boss 15: CHECK OUT- Abhijeet Bichukale gets pranked by Umar Riaz

New wild card contestant Abhijeet Bichukale gets roasted by non-VIP Umar.

Bigg Boss 15 house has strong equations and change every now and then. Contestants and VIP members are at times at loggerheads and at times create fun moments. In one of the Unseen Undekha video it is seen that in the bedroom Umar starts saying that do you guys know that Bigg Boss have inserted cameras in the washroom. Other housemates Devoleena, Karan and Umar also be a part of the prank. Umar says,” Washroom mein camera hai, yaha pe bohat ladai hoti hai isliye makers ne rakhvaya hai.”

Abhijeet then laughs and fails to agree to that, but Umar tries to convince him. Abhijeet laughs at it and can’t control and thinks that is it a fact. Rakhi also adds laughter to it and says that the world will be seeing how he showers and his video must be going viral on social media. Rakhi further adds that his clothes and the way he showers would be a meme and would have spread on every social media platform. Contestants could not stop but laugh as they prank Abhijeet and he believed to that fact, that cameras are inserted in the washroom.