Bigg Boss 15: Challengers all set to begin thr torture- “Aab thoda inhuman bane ka game aa gaya hai”

Challengers torture housemates as they play an important role in Ticket To Finale task.

Bigg Boss 15 housemates are near to Ticket To Finale and are near finale week. In the promo it is seen that the challengers Munmun Dutta, Akansha, Surbhi and Vishal Singh have entered the house. The reports speak that they have a imposrtant role in Ticket To Finale task. It seems that the torture has started by the challengers.

Karan is seen in mud and shaving cream, Nishant is seen having chillies, raw egg and and other stuff. Karan is seen eating Tabasco sauce and things are changing as the value of the position has started. Akansha Puri is seen saying,”Aab thoda inhuman bane ka game aa gaya hai.” Surbhi Chandna says that now Bigg Boss is playing their game with the housemates. Have a look at the promo here:

It is going to be a tough game for the housemates as the challengers have brought a huge twist in the game. Nishant is seen then puking as he couldn’t take the torture it seems. The game is going to turn as the challengers will change the game and they will only play a role in the task. The latest report speak that the challengers have done their part and have exited the house.

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